Julian Cope—
Skellington 3

Head Heritage / 2018ce
  1. Times Change
  2. At the Start of a Season
  3. Stop Harping on About the Way Life Used to Be
  4. Magic Fortune-Telling Machine
  5. It’s Not Your Life (So Do What We Want)
  6. Parallel University
  7. That Don’t Make a Revolution
  8. Very Krishna
  9. Seel Street Waltz
  10. Slave to Rock’n’roll
  11. Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away
  12. A Flick of the ‘V’s
New for April is J. Cope’s surprise SKELLINGTON 3 Come-back! Determined to surf the madness of 2018, Cope spent mid-February knocking out 12 brand new songs at breakneck speed. 12 hours into the recording, it all felt very Skellington somehow. Was it the foot-stomping? Or just the disarrayed subject matter, perhaps. ‘Magic Fortune-Telling Machine’, ‘Seel Street Waltz’, ‘Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away’, ‘Parallel University’: Bucolic ditties, muscular adventures, moderne interactions, tipsy interludes, even classy rock’n’roll of the post-punk persuasion. SKELLINGTON 3 … People, grab the fertile results now!!!