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What's the best, most excitingest thing you've heard recently?
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Edited Jun 06, 2015, 17:32
Re: What's the best, most excitingest thing you've heard recently?
Jun 06, 2015, 17:22
laresident wrote:
And what a collection that must be! I only came across the German Basho through your brilliant archived music "radio" shows.

The first Basho is definitely my desert island disc. When I turn my back on the world and hike off to the Sierras and lose myself. Probably to die of starvation and be eaten by an equally hungry bear.

Oh wow, didn't expect that. Hadn't even thought of those shows for ages. I think I lost a bit of balance somewhere down the line and needed a musicless soul-colonic. Now I reckon I feel the wonder again whenever I turn on the stereo. I'll definitely round those shows out to 100 some day soon. A thousand salaams for the pick-me-up!

I remember being driven across the Rockies when I was a kid in a great big rickety R.V., and almost getting blown off the side of one of those winding mountain roads, but I've never been to Sierra Nevada. I've always wanted to, though, after reading John Muir and his beautiful nature writings.

I'm definitely bringing both Bashos along with me next time I go hiking, by the way. A genuinely crazy thing happened to me two nights ago: I was about as far out in the middle of nowhere as it's possible to get in Southern England, lying in my hammock and fast asleep, when I awake at about 3 in the am to these weird boozy hippies nearby chanting Pig Latin paganese. I was understandably pretty freaked out at first, until I heard one of them say, "Did ya bring the trail mix? I'm bloody starving". It's those kind of things that make you adore the world and the loveable parasites who walk on her.
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