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What's the best, most excitingest thing you've heard recently?
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Edited Jun 06, 2015, 16:29
Re: What's the best, most excitingest thing you've heard recently?
Jun 06, 2015, 16:28
Monganaut wrote:
Yeah, have enjoyed the Lonelady stuff a great deal (think she was at the Wire gig in Manc, but I didn't wanna bug her). For some reason, parts of the sound remind me of Prince circa Purple Rain/1999. Dunno why, but one of the tracks (forget which off the top of my head) reminds me of that Darling Nicky cheesefest off PR.

As to the original post, Feeling a bit jaded/meh! music-wise at the minute. Not much has really caught my attention this year (though that's probably me tbh) though I do have a pile of newbie stuff I've picked up which I've yet to plough through (new Gnod, People of The North, Guapo, BJM, Unkown Mortal Orchestra, Squarepusher etc...). Will reprt back on them when me mojo rises a little.

Though having said that, Have re-discovered the delights of the prog/post rock monster that is 'Five Suns'. Don't hink they ever bested this release tbh, it's relentless, though for maximum results, yu gotta imbibe it in it's entirety in a single sitting.

Taster - III - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfGU5oSo0RY

I don't want to sound like some drooling adolescent, but OMG, I had no idea that Guapo have a new album out! Thanks for the tip, have purchased immediately. I agree that Five Suns is utterly monumental, easily one of the top releases of the 21st century and the benchmark againt which all modern avant prog/psych should be measured. For me, they dipped a bit after that (was disappointed by Elixirs) but History of the Visitation was right up there again.

There's nothing that's compleltely blown me away this year, but I'd certainly recommend the debuts from Taman Shud and Tender Prey, and Stealing Sheep's Not Real.
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