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most psychedelic album ever
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cancer boy
cancer boy
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Another couple of contenders
Nov 09, 2001, 10:39
KLF "Chill Out" (guaranteed to drive you totally insane if you're off on one, see also "Space" by Space for a more T. Dream take on KLF sound).
Rolling Stones "Their Satanic Majesties" (Very psychedelic, not consistently good, but 2000 light years from home, the lantern etc. are about as "far out maaan" as it gets)
Haphash and the Coloured Coat "Featuring the Human Host and the Heavy Metal Kids" (noone said they had to be good, right? Definitely into Amon Duul I territory here)
Pierre Henry "Mass for the Present Time" (an electronic psych bonanza, but avoid the album he did with Spooky Tooth like the plague)
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