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Re: Lunar Tunes
Feb 04, 2009, 18:11
Vybik Jon wrote:
This straddles the line between rarity and not having any new music on it.

I Gotta Walk was featured on a free cassette called Class Of '94 available with Vox magazine. It was billed as a 'remix' and there are some additional bleeps and squibbles on it.

These straddle the line between should it be classed as Julian Cope or shouldn't it.

Thighpaulsandra - I, Thighpaulsandra.

This contains Beneath The Frozen Lake Of Stars and has Julian on guitar. It may or may not be something that would have featured on the third Queen Elizabeth album.

There's an album (about which the details escape me right now - something to do with Serpents). It's got Julian performing on one track.

That straddles the line alright but if it says "remix" and it has additional bleeps and squiggles, I reckon it qualifies. And it must be quite rare to boot since I'd never heard of the damn thing before now. Thanks!...

As for the others, I've tried to stick to things that either bore Julian Cope's name or were from groups of which he was a permanent member. I'd be all for a separate list of guest appearances and collaborations but this one's giving me enough of a headache. If someone were to put together such a list, there's also "My Wall" with Sunn0)))) (or however the hell you spell/punctuate it)...

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