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JC Rarities Compilation
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Re: JC Rarities Compilation
Feb 03, 2009, 16:36
elegant chaos wrote:
Just one more addition springs to mind - the alternate version of "My Pagan Ass" on the promo-only CD?

I'd also take off "Unisex Cathedral" from the "Beautiful Love" EP - the same version appears on "Droolian"

And - someone please correct me if I'm wrong -

Head: Of Penetration and the City Dweller


Head (Long Meg and Her Daughter's Mix)

I believe they are one and the same.....

Vybes - you have email.....

Thanks again! I also don't have that promo so am unable to compare "versions". I didn't want to add it on for sure without knowing more about it. The smashing "Trampolene" site mentions that "Version 2" is longer. What it doesn't say is if "Version 1" is an edit and "Version 2" is the album track or if "1" is the album track, making "2" an "extended version". "Single edits" don't get on the list but longer versions certainly do. Anyone know the story?...

And "Unisex Cathedral" is now off the list. Anyone know offhand if the "Safesurfer (Demo)" from the 7" is the "Droolian" version or another version altogether?...

And you're probably right about the "Head" remixes. I'm just gonna confirm that before I strike ol' "Heed" off the list...

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