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Re: JC Rarities Compilation
Feb 01, 2009, 22:41
I, too, found this thread when I was doing some research for a comp I was planning on making. Of course, I don't have all of the stuff on the list I made (although I'm only missing 9 of the 60 tracks)! Anyway, I'm curious to know if this ever got finished. And I'm also curious about that TX DVD. Meanwhile, here's the really long list I made of "JC Rarities". I have left off everything that has been officially released on CD comps or the recent Japanese CD re-issues with bonus B-Sides. If I've forgotten anything official, please let me know. Or if there's anything on this list that doesn't belong since it's been on a CD re-issue I'm unaware of, please let me know that, too. Anyway, it might make a nice "at-a-glance" list for collectors. Here it be:

Sunspots 7” 1985:
Sunspots (Single Remix) [3:15] -- also on Children Of Nuggets 4CD (2005)

RABBI JOSEPH GORDAN: Competition 7” 1986:
Belief In Him

Julian Cope Gift Set No. 1 7” 1987:
Christmas Mourning (Home Demo Version)
Transmitting (Original Long Studio Version)

Charlotte Anne CDEP 1988:
Christmas Mourning [3:43]
A Question Of Temperature [2:59]

5 O’Clock World CDEP 1989:
S.P.Q.R. [3:09]
Reynard In Tokio [12:39]

China Doll CDEP 1989:
Desi [3:13]
Rail On [1:52]

Peggy Suicide 2LP 1991:
Uptight [3:41]

Beautiful Love CDEP 1991:
Port Of Saints [3:46]
Love L.U.V. [6:50]

Beautiful Love Remix 12” 1991:
Dragonfly [9:11]

East Easy Rider CDEP 1991:
Butterfly E [6:35]
Almost Alive [2:56]
Little Donkey [4:02]

East Easy Rider Remix 12” 1991:
Ravebury Stones [11:29]

Head CDEP 1991:
Straw Dogs [5:53]
Anyway At All [3:55]
Bagged Out Ken [2:13]

Head Remix 12” 1991:
Bring Cherhill Down (Vocal) [6:55]
Bring Cherhill Down (Instrumental) [6:48]

Dancing Heads CDEP 1991:
Head (Remix) [3:36]
Head (Long Meg & Her Daughters Mix) [6:09]
Easty Risin’ (East Easy Rider Remix) [8:18]

Safesurfer/If You Loved Me At All Tour 7” 1991:
Safesurfer (Demo)
If You Loved Me At All (Demo)

W.S.Y.M. - All Ugly Radio MP3 DOWNLOAD [200? with tracks from 1991]:
Soldier Blue Remix (Mix 1) [5:50]
Soldier Blue Remix (Mix 2) [4:14]
Soldier Blue Remix (Mix 3) [8:00]

World Shut Your Mouth CDEP 1992:
World Shut Your Mouth (Remix) [3:14]

VARIOUS ARTISTS: 2 Meter Sessies Volume 3 CD 1992:
East Easy Rider (2 Meter Sessies Version) [6:25]

The Skellington Chronicles CD 1993:
Grimreaper Is A Krautrocker [8:29]

Paranormal In The West Country CDEP 1994:
Paranormal In The West Country (With The Leone Quartet) [2:46]
Paranormal In The West Country (Avebury) [3:49]
Paranormal In The West Country (Krankenhausmusik) [3:49]

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Class Of '94 TAPE 1994:
I Gotta Walk (Remix) [2:33]

Try, Try, Try CDEP 1995:
Baby, Let’s Play Vet [2:27]
W.E.S.S.E.X.Y. [2:51]
Don’t Jump Me, Mother [3:00]

I Come From Another Planet, Baby CDEP 1996:
How Do I Understand My Motorman? [5:11]
If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You [9:02]

I Come From Another Planet, Baby Remix CDEP 1996:
Ambulence: Wessex Post Ambient Therapy Musics 1 a.k.a I Come From Another Planet,
Baby [33:24]

Planetary Sit-In CDEP 1996:
Cummer In Summertime [2:59]
Torch [4:18]

Planetary Sit-In Remix CDEP 1996:
Radio Sit-In (Planetary Sit-In Remix) [19:46]

Propheteering 7” 1997:
Any Country Lane -- also on Moving On Volume One: Sing Songs CD

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Cornucopea CD 2000:
QUEEN ELIZABETH: Temple Of Diana [12:20]

BRAIN DONOR: Love, Peace & Fuck 2LP 2001:
Hairy Music [13:11] -- longer than CD version!

BRAIN DONOR: Get Off Your Pretty Face CDEP 2001:
Who Will Entertain Your Moron? [3:07]

My Pagan Ass (Version 2)

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Radio Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day Vol. 1 CD-R 2003:
BRAIN DONOR: Stupormodel

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Radio Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day Vol. 2 CD-R 2003:
JULIAN COPE: Socrates Mine Enemy

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Due To Lack Of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled CD 2005:
Due To Lack Of Interest... [2:16]
Saturday Night With The LORD [3:56]

Preaching Revolution E.P. 7” 2008:
Mother, Where Is My Father? [2:33]
I Wanna Know What's In It For Me [2:20]
Fuck Me U.S.A. [2:11]
Preaching Revolution [7:14]
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