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Oooh , forgot
Mar 24, 2004, 16:44
Pussy Galore Birmingham Mermaid 86/7?
Tour to support 'Right Now' metalbashing swampbluespunkfrenzy in a room no bigger than 30 feet square ,wannerful!

Swans, Same Venue, think it was 'Cop' Tour, bloody 10000 watt PA, and Gira screaming 10 inches from your face...scary and intense, plus loads of mad anrcho biker types giving the atmosphere the extra heeby geeby quota...really thought we were gonna get killed that night.

The Orb...1990, (tour for the first LP) Birmingham Hummingbird, only about 50 people turned up and they played a rip roaring set. Support was the excellent Mystick Nights, whatever happened to them??

Higher Intelligence Agency at club Oscillate. Mad ambient house droney dirgey set inna small club atmosphere (which, now i come to think of, they ran the club night, groovy).

808 State, Birmingham Hummingbird, 1990/1?
Tour to support the '90' album. Wonderful night out, the whole place was girating to the discotechnoacid beat.

Kraftwerk, 1990/91, Birmingham Hummingbird
Tour to support the Mix album, great 'greatest hits' reinterpretation, plus the dummies, plus they handed out these little boxes to the audience to play along to the songs.

Pavement, supporting Sonic Youth 1987/88?
Birmingham Hummingbird, great set, they still had that monkey of a drummer back then, so he was playing the baffon all night. My mate was violently sick, so we had a 20 foot radius of empty space arund us...had a good view of them : )

World Domination Enterprises, Manchester uni 87' ?
Great raggapunkabilly dubnoise fest..the drummer was soooo stoned when he came on stage i thought he was gonna keel over, but once he sat down on the drum stool, he was off like he'd been kickstarted, played a killa set, of whicj 'I Can't Live Without My Radio' was the highlight.

Loop, the following night after World Dom', Great set to support Fade Out album....the bass nearly chopped me in two,and the wall of noise was , well, nearly orgasmic, mmmmm.

There's probably loads more, but I'll stop now.
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