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Best Gig(s) you've been to......
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Mar 24, 2004, 04:05
1. Kraftwerk 1998: well, it was Kraftwerk!

2. Slayer 1990: you've never seen a crowd as crazy as the people who show up at Slayer gigs. Similar experience seeing them again about 10 years later, but they were better with Lombardo on drums.

3. Suicide 2001: fuckin' Alan Vega and Martin Rev! Totally assaultive and hypnotic, I can understand why their early gigs caused a lot of riots.

4. The Feelies 1991: not the most acclaimed era of the band, but they put on a crazy sweat-drenched show. A bass, 2 rhythm guitars, 2 drummers, and no more than 3 chords per song. Their songs tend to be fast anyway but they played everything twice as fast that night. Pogo til you puke!

5. Television 2001: during the climactic moment of "Marquee Moon" Richard Lloyd broke a guitar string, and he had no backup guitar -- so he had to restring it there on stage while the rest of the band vamped. Totally ruined their most popular song. I felt soooo embarassed for poor Mr. Lloyd that night!
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