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Best Gig(s) you've been to......
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Re: Best Gig(s) you've been to......
Mar 24, 2004, 16:15
Sonic Youth supporting Nick Cave, Birmingham Powerhouse in April/May 85' ?
They were touring the Bad Moon Rising record, half way through the set, Thurstons amp catches fire, someone in the crowd shouts "put it out", Thurston replys in a whisper, "nooo, let it burn", and goes on to play a song or two before the roadies/stagehands get the willies and run onstage and put it out. Got to meet em' after the gig too when they came 'front house' and watched ole' Nick strut his stuff plugging 'From Her to Eternity'. Was only about 30 people there and this mad German girl was trying to climb on stage all the bloody set, mauling Cave's feet...great night, except for the whiney German.

Ramones circa 87', Birmingham Hummingbird. Life affirming racket from Us's top pop punksters. Played a roaring set to which i spun on the floor on the blacony in a Jerry Lewis style whilst being totally off my tits on mushrooms yay!!

3x Circle supporting AMT Oct/Nov 02'?
Totally blew AMT away with a tour to support the 'Prospekt' album. Mad 'Rob Halford' looking singer roaring over a demented organ in a most Judas Priest fashion whilst syncopated drum patterns and droned out bass and guitars complete the maelstrom....yummy.

Boris...just cos' it was so fuckin' LOUD. Played most of FLOOD, and the sweetheart of a guitarist remembered to bring my CD's all the way from Japan...what a star!

The Heads supporting AMT, again,another mad 'psyche out' from Bristols finest, only time I've seen em' play live and they were transmutoing base matals with their performance...loved it to death.

Coil - Supporting Foetus sometime 2000 (think it was the RFH). First gigs they'd played as Coil in 18 years, got to hear 'Blood From The Air' live and was severely tripped out by the 'strobe assault' during the climax of the set 'Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil. Best because i NEVER thought Coil would tour again...it was the dogs danglies to be sure!
Seen em' several times since this, and whilst they are always entertaining, they've yet to approach the ferocity of this set.

Three Johns touring to support Atom Drum Bop, Aston triangle, sometime in 85/86'... got apsolutely rip roaring pissed, got dragged up on stage for heckling and sang 'Teenage Nightingales To Wax' whilst they played it, wow, rock 'n' roll !

I'm sure there's loads more, but these few are the ones i recall most fondly.
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