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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Edited May 14, 2019, 10:30
Re: Bro ken ews
May 14, 2019, 10:30
Amil04 wrote:
Anyone in the Peak District area.

Yesterday morning the sky was full of planes (40 within the hour) leaving persistent trails..not as many but few around this morning. None of what I can see is real cloud..it’s all rather linear!

As I’ve said before I don’t go along with the ‘they're spraying us’ theory too much...somethings going on though.

Answers on a postcard.

Allow me to put forward a theory (which emerges purely from Occam's Razor -- so it's just that; a theory based on what I believe is the most likely explanation).

A quick glance at FlightRadar.com shows the Peak District is situated beneath (or close to) a number of busy flight paths. At the moment I first opened that FlightRadar map, there were six flights over the Peak District. That's 6 flights at a single moment. That easily equates to 40 an hour (probably more).

As even a mildly observant person will be aware, there are some atmospheric conditions that permit jet exhaust to be particularly visible.

So my theory is simple... at least 40 planes overfly the Peak District per hour on most days. Yesterday the atmospherics were such that it highlighted them.
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