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Six Groundbreaking Female Archaeologists ?
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Edited Mar 07, 2020, 05:47
Re: Six Groundbreaking Female Archaeologists ?
Mar 06, 2020, 19:26
Hi tjj!

No worries man! No one's expected to know about Armenian prehistory! It's a B-side in terms of the global narrative, but you know how great B-sides can be ;)

That's very generous of you to want to research this area, and I hope you'll find it of interest, and perhaps it will inspire some insights into aspects of British heritage. Why not? My love of European megaliths has given me a profound insight and appreciation for Armenia's Bronze Age variety.

By the way, though old and out of print, I'm a big fan of David Marshall Lang's Armenia: Cradle of Civilization and Charles Burney & Lang's People of the Hills: very well-written overviews of Armenian prehistory/ancient history by two quite erudite British authors.

Thanks again for the forward-thinking thread. If you've ever any questions, fire away.



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