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Trethevy Quoit...Cornwall's Megalithic Masterpiece
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Edited Apr 02, 2013, 12:29
Re: Similarities elsewhere?
Apr 02, 2013, 12:24
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
And, just to make the point clear, i'm aware I am taking a rather dismissive view on this thread, and others have shown a great deal more patience, but i'm afraid this particular type of arrogance irritates me to the point where I can only respond with the rudeness, or perhaps the intellectual disrespect, which is being shown by the original poster in the first instance.

I am being presented with a self published book, advertised by the author on a public forum, the author stating with seemingly unending self-assurance that others have not researched the quoit 'correctly', among other things, and that his unreviewed, personal thoughts are something everybody should be taking notice of. Add to that a history from the author of dismissive posts regarding the 'professional' archaeologist and replies of the type 'Why should I tell you, read the book' when asked too difficult a question and we end up with something so utterly self-interested and vulgar it makes my hair stand on end and is an insult to all genuinely enquiring minds.

I find it astounding.

I have a certain amount of sympathy with this view and stopped reading this thread quite a while back. Perhaps I should start a post about Devil's Den in Wiltshire and try to get people to discuss it ad nauseum ... I think I'd probably be ignored. The point I'm making, however, is that most ancient monuments have had some level of interference and/or reconstruction. I've held back from saying anything which sounds like 'having a go at Roy' because its so much easier to say nothing. Its a shame to see the forum dominated for so long by something that has limited interest ...I did wonder if the fact I'm finding it quite boring in some way makes me inadequate - but at least honest.
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