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Re: Similarities elsewhere?
Apr 01, 2013, 13:57
Littlestone wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
When re-arranged is an unknown I'm afraid. I believe it comes down to the hole in the Capstone because when that was pummelled through it was the likely cause of the Capstone slipping. Due to the positioning of the buttress that was offset from the opening it suggests it was still in use after the slippage otherwise it would have been placed centrally for maximum benefit.

Didn’t you once suggest that it may have been rearranged relatively recently (recently as in 500 years or so ago) maybe as a territorial marker (the hole possibly serving as a securing point for a banner or something). The hole in the capstone could provide the answer. Does it look like it was made using metal or stone tools?

I don't know the answer to that LS, it would need someone with knowledge of stone v metal tools to answer that one I suggest. Amongst the suggestions for the hole have been for a flagpole or to even drag the capstone into place by it. I don't suppose we'll ever know. If it was only, say 500 years ago, then the monument must have still been in use because if I am correct and it was likely to have become unstable after and because of the hole pummelled through it, then it would be after that that the buttress would surely have been installed. As it was offset from the entrance it must have ben 'open' for something!
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