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Re: Similarities elsewhere?
Apr 01, 2013, 17:31
thesweetcheat wrote:
No, I'm not suggesting it's exactly as it originally was. It seems perfectly likely that the chamber was sealed, but that could be achieved without a major re-structuring/moving of all the pieces.

What I'm suggesting is that the current structure could have been arrived at by various pieces slipping or falling, rather than by the whole thing being re-built "wrongly".

I assume that large parts of the structure (if not all) would have been covered in a mound? In which case, pieces could shift and move over time underneath, while being kept from collapse by the weight of the earth. (See for example Hetty Pegler's Tump for a chambered barrow where the internal structures gradually weakened and shifted while being kept generally in place by the mound).

It seems more likely to me at least that the current arrangement simply reflects 1000s of years of movement, worsened by the protecting mound disappearing, etc, than a wholesale re-build in a different, "wrong" configuration.

If the capstone was as some would have it then there is no way it could have been completly covered Alken because of the ingress of cairn material. It could, providing the front closure doorway was left open, be covered up to the 'window' stone, otherwise ingress again.
I have never said the whole thing was rebuilt or rebuilt incorrectly. What I have said and still say, is that 4 of the 8 stones are out of position but until people read the book then they won't know which ones they are, then they will understand where I am coming from. The quoit didn't have to fall for this to happen but a chain of circumstances was set up when the lid slipped and it would have all happened in one go.

I can't be expected to keep having to keep explaining things until you all have read it for yourselves to be fair. Once you've done that you won't have to ask so many questions as they would already have been answered for you.You'll all be asking for bloody free copies next! LOL.
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