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Music of the mad.
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Edited Aug 21, 2011, 12:28
Re: Music of the mad.
Aug 21, 2011, 07:25
handofdave wrote:
IanB wrote:
think I read somewhere that there will be something like 100,000 new album releaes this year. Compared with 12,000 in the mid 80s. Who can hope to keep up? No reliable filters. That's the problem I think.

And that's why I'm hiring myself out as a hit man for the music industry. Soon as we can start thinning the herd a bit all will be back to normal.


I would start with the journalists myself! Or rather the endless sea of people purporting to be music journalists who are mouthpieces for the PR industry. I've stopped reading all music media apart from Any Decent Music and Gramophone. ADM is a review of reviews which helps get an overview. I still end up buying some total shit though. Sweet Billy Pilgrim being the last major purchasing mistep. The ratio of good to dull records among HH's brigade of creative voices is much higher than that within the reviewers' flavours of the moment. Which says it all really. This is a place of honest opinions. I think the honesty of the music press has been in doubt for at least good twenty years now.
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