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Music of the mad.
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The Sea Cat
The Sea Cat
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Re: Music of the mad.
Aug 19, 2011, 13:20
handofdave wrote:
There's so many ways to interpret why our brains come in two hemispheres. I think it definitely fits in with qualities of consciousness I've experienced... on a very simple level things like stereoscopic vision and hearing, for example (symmetry) but also a layering of consciousness as well; Being aware that we're being aware. Self-consiousness. We're watching ourselves with this 'watcher' brain of ours, which is really an illusion created by the ping-pong game going on between our two half-brains.

Apparently, if the hemispheres become disconnected in some way, the two halves will try to reestablish 'self' and you end up with two minds in the same body (sometimes? I'm only going on what I've read long ago). I guess in some cases of people 'hearing voices' this is the explanation... that a bit of consciousness (seated in the brain) has become detached and is only somewhat aware of itself, like a dreamer in a dream is often unaware of the un-reality of their experience.

Absolutely Dave. Months ago on The Pump I did a thread about lucid dreaming/astral travel (?). I have regular periods of lucid dreaming where all my tactile senses are 'REAl'. I've done a lot of research into this, ie. Robert Monroe and others, and I'd noticed that I was always in an alternate dream setting, rather rhan a classic OBE.

A few weeks ago was very different though. I was in a waking sleep when I felt myself roll out of my body. I was standing beside my bed and I could see myself lying there asleep, and I could hear the usual outside noise of a dairy truck that goes past, and read the alarm clock, 6.32 am. I awoke in a flash, the truck was going up the hill outside and it was 6.33 am.

I can't quite explain the amazement at this. I'm still getting my head around it.
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