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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: Zappa
Feb 26, 2010, 22:19
handofdave wrote:
Zappa considered himself a Jazz composer, but I don't know that the Jazz elite ever welcomed him in. I think that has something to do with his anger... He drips with that know-it-all arrogance that usually masks deep insecurity.

He'd go after easy targets... stereotypes of the vapid American teen... as if somehow he'd been forced to suffer not just their presence, but their patronage too.

It's easy to be aloof when one's slumming... harder to swim with the sort of fish that you imagine yourself to be.

The snarky stuff where Zappa puts down his audience.... reminds me of Roger Waters to a degree. A very aloof, pseudo-intellectual air of self-importance surrounds both of these guys.

I don't think Zappa had much time for "Jazz" per se. He most definitely saw himself as a "modern day composer" but never put a genre in front of his music.

He had nasty things to say about jazz musicians -- as well as rock musicians and classical orchestra musicians, and most of all musician's unions.

In general, he was a misanthropic asshole. Was there anyone he ever said nice things about? That's a big part of his personality and shtick.

At the same time, I've always had the strong impression HE LOVED HIS FANS AND WAS GRATEFUL FOR THEIR SUPPORT. Yes, he did make fun of his audiences -- but I think the audiences were in on the joke and weren't feeling abused by it. I know I never have felt that way.

It was always there from the beginning . . . I sincerely believe he's trying to provoke ya & make ya think for yourself a bit.

"Take a day
And walk around
Watch the nazis
Run your town
Then go home
And check yourself
You think we're singing
'Bout someone else . . . but you're
Plastic people!"

The "them" he's making fun of is always "us" and that includes me, you & him too.
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