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Edited Feb 26, 2010, 16:06
Re: Zappa
Feb 26, 2010, 16:02
handofdave wrote:
IanB wrote:
handofdave wrote:
IanB wrote:
I just think his music is way too clenched and uptight and lacking in swing but as a second tier classical composer he was pretty deent I think.

Yep. Conceptually and structurally his more 'classical' stuff is very unsettling and jagged.

Ironically, it's where he's just free-playing on the guitar that he loosens up and forgets how brilliant he is, if ya know what I mean.

Totally! Artists and writers whose first thought is to let the world know how very clever they are tend to make fairly shitty art.

It's the over-self-analyzing that kills it.
The more labored something is, the more it suffers. That's why the best stuff often emerges without a lot of editing and tinkering and even THINKING, tho of course not always.

The phenomenon of 'letting the spirit take you' is where things really get interesting in my opinion... tapping into the pure stream of creative energy. And in fact it's a process that a lot of music and art starts with- sometimes ends with.

Some of the most interesting stuff happens when one isn't consciously attempting to do something interesting.

As a confirmed believer in improvisation and tapping into that sub-conscious / hyper-conscious world of instinct and creative energy I can but agree with you. Of course it is handy to have some technique up your sleeve so you can bring more of your un-ideas to life but too much tehcnique and you are in danger of just rehashing stuff you have played before in the practice room. I think the trick is to not get comfortable in overly safe places and "stock" idioms. Cutting the moorings with your own musical past and a life of listening is the hard part. Then having someone who isn't playing the music edit that music into a consumable format. Like an editor if you will.
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