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Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
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Edited Oct 26, 2009, 10:25
Re: Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
Oct 26, 2009, 10:14
Lord Lucan wrote:
Fitter Stoke wrote:
Clearly there's a little bitterness that Cluster never got the fiscal rewards that ol'Brian did.

Missed this doc, but gonna watch it on iplayer later.

Anyway, if Cluster's beef is about Eno's sales compared to themselves, surely it'd be a bit churlish. After all, the fact that Eno had done two albums with Cluster is what turned me onto them in the first place. This was way before the Krautrocksampler days, and Eno's involvement was all I had to go on to recommend them. I doubt I'm the only one who bought Cluster albums on the strength of the connection. So, if anything, it was Eno who introduced Cluster to a UK audience. Still, I can't imagine Dieter Moebius producing the next Coldplay album. Thank fuck.

According to the anecdote it was Eno who raised the issue of money with them. The "don't worry you'll be as rich as me one day" thing.

From what I know the bitterness of people who work with Eno, Bowie, Byrne (and many other genius self-promoters of our age) is less the money than the fact that they have their work co-opted and then re-presented and represented to the world as the original thoughts of the Rock genius in question.

If Eno and Bowie are the Picassos and Dalis of rock n roll then then the likes of Cluster et al are the Joseph Beuys and the Gerhard Richter. It's good to have both and history will be the judge of merit.
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