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Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
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Jim Tones
Jim Tones
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Edited Oct 27, 2009, 16:16
Re: Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
Oct 27, 2009, 16:15
Hunter T Wolfe wrote:
Can were very into the Velvets, too.

Also, I remember Lemmy on some radio show saying 'Tomorrow Never Knows' was the start of krautrock. He was roundly dismissed as not knowing what he was talking about, but it transpires that in fact a lot of the German musicians saw that track as the start of something new- a one chord drone, using electronics, effects and tape loops- and used it as a template for what they were trying to do.

Lemmy should know what he's talking about as of all the UK bands, Hawkwind probably had the closest link to the 'krautrock' scene, both sonically and with Dave Anderson playing in both the Hawks and Amon Duul II, and writing sleevenotes for the first Neu! LP. They also, like Amon Duul et al, had genuine links to the squat/commune/street revolutionary underground.

It's typical that people would denounce Lemmy, but I reckon he really would know what he's talking about, especially as regards to different types of music when you really think about it, i.e. all the experiences he's had, not to mention the people he's met along the way.

From his days with The Rockin' Vicars and playing places during the mid-sixties to being a roadie with Hendrix.
The Hawkind-Duul connection as you mentioned, also whilst he was in Hawkwind, they were once supported by Coum Transmissions- a link to the underground art scene.
He must have had a conversation with a young Genesis P-Orridge along the way.
'Punks' respected Motorhead and he's appeared a few times on Top Of The Pops!
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