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Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
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Edited Oct 25, 2009, 19:01
Re: Krautrock:The Re-birth of Germany- Youtube taster!
Oct 25, 2009, 18:39
It seems that use of this language has no real defined rules, then, just unspoken agreements as to what's accepted and what's not?

Forgive me for offering this example, LL, but would you shrug it off if a genre were dubbed 'faggot rock?'

Maybe Europeans are less hung up*? In America, the unspoken rule is that epithets are shrugged off if they're used by one member of a group to another, but using them to describe someone from outside of your own group is heavily frowned on. The white comic who played 'Kramer' on the Seinfeld show used the N word in an act one night and it still haunts him. Our latest Supreme Court justice appointee made a statement about how she'd be more valuable (in terms of judging on certain cases) as a Latino woman than a white man and that created a huge stink with white Republicans.

*about some aspects of this issue, anyway
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