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What do you truly remember from childhood?
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Mrs Ahab
Mrs Ahab
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Re: What do you truly remember from childhood?
Nov 20, 2007, 13:18
I was born in 76, i destinctly remember watching the tv the day john lennon died and asking my mum who he was and why were all those people crying. SHe told me and showed me his picture on the only even vaguley pop record we owned, please please me, i remember playing that a lot.

I also remember singing matchstick man & cats and dogs a lot.

we had this record called 'Stewpots pop party' which was a pretend party hosted by stew francis. I remember the part when he says ' hey kids, hope you all like T-rex, cos here they are coming in through the door now to pay their new song Get It On' that was a fave.

My first memory of a top of the pops performance is probably The Cure doing Love cats with those masks on.

I also remember feeling that Madness were a band JUST for kids and that they only made songs for kids.

Oh and the wombles.
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