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Re: YerArse
Sep 12, 2002, 14:16
i would totally agree wuith your criticisms of the SSP programme. I've yet to be convoinced that they have really changed there tune that much, tho from what i gather they are acting in a far less sectarian manner than they used to. Which can only be a good thing.

As for uncle Leon, well, i think the man said many many good things, and proposed some very useful theories and strategies (against fascism, the united front especially). As a guide to building a trevolutionary organisation, well he left rather a lot to be desired there.

But, the destruction of the workplace soviets was down to Uncle Joe, shorely. That said he was perfectly willing to be as brutal as he thought necessary. But that was the nature of the times. When several million of your 'countrymen' have already dies in an imperialist war, and the threat from the old tsarist counter-revolutionaries was such that many millions more would have been killed had they been succesful, then that brutality was perfectly understandable, if not what i would call 'correct'.

Onto another wee bit....Scotland, no of course it's not opressed in the same way India was , or even in the same way Catholics in the six counties are, but its still shat upon. And it leaving the UK would be a blow to the 'might' of British power, leaving it rather weaker than it is now. And yeah, i still hold by the rights of nations to self-determination, nbot doing so can lead you into some very dodgy waters - not defending Afghanistan against the USSR, or Iraq v USA for example (not that I'm saying you're doing that, but it is a danger of that position - a 'fuck em, they're all as bad as each other so i wont take sides)

o aye, naah, not the weekly worker tho it is amusing to look at). workers power (slightly bigger, slightly less tankie)
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