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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: God the Capitalist
Sep 22, 2003, 21:32
Didn't see God giving his opinions in that article . . . (unless you believe he really wrote that silly book, I don't . . . )

I already said I don't hold Jesus, Mohammad, et. al. responsible for the crap their disciples pull in their name.

The prophets tossed out some very good memes . . . predictably their followers have produced even more bad memes and tried to attach the prophets' names to them.

For example: show me where in the bible it says anything about "purgatory" or "indulgences."

Church bureacracies are a problem for basically the same reasons any bureacracy is a problem. Not because they are "capitalist" but because they are "bureacracies." That was another topic Weber liked to write about . . .


But although Weber regards bureaucracy as supremely efficient, he regards its inevitable triumph with distaste. Paralleling the distinction between 'goal-rational' and 'value-rational' (and perhaps the same distinction in other words) is a distinction between 'formal' and 'substantive' rationality. Society is 'formally' rational when things are organized to maximise the attainment of people's goals, whatever they are. But it may be formally rational without being 'substantively' rational, because this organization is inimical to values rationally paramount over the goals actually served. One of these values is personal freedom, to which bureaucracy is inimical. 'The quality which best guarantees promotion [in a bureaucracy] is a measure of pliancy toward the apparatus,... of "convenience" for his superior', ES, p. 1449. Socialism would mean one unified bureaucratic system: at least now there are alternative and competing bureaucracies; see ES, pp. 1402-3, 1453-4, and Beetham, pp. 82-9. So for Weber bureaucracy occupies the place capitalism has for Marx, of the admired enemy, spreading inexorably throughout the world and into every department of life. But Weber foresees no 'death-knell'. Bureaucracy is inescapable.
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