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the 'it' in bullshit
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the 'it' in bullshit
Sep 16, 2003, 22:16
If capitalism is (in it's objectivism) fundamentally opposed to 'morals', and the 'use of force', why oh why does 21stC capitalism take the side of the 'moralist ' warmongers who reduce the whole world to 'good vs evil'??? Bombing a country as a 'lesson' to 'countries' who harbour terrorists is what kind of lesson?? I don't feel like being bombed because my government harbour nuclear, chemical and biological weapons thankyou. I'm not sure my children's children's children would thank you for bombing me either.

Reading today an article from Capitalism.com, stating that unfettered nuclear destruction of a country is the only way to stop terrorism. Is capitalism inherently totalitarian? Or is that a nonsense? How can capitalists claim objectivism and then argue about how capitalism is defined? Bin Laden's mob destroyed two buildings so the 'free' world destroy a country. Where is the absence of force here??? Does destroying 'suspicious' countries enable a Constitutional Republic to flourish?? It's rather 'moral' to claim that you are the best, and therefore at any (or anybody's) cost will it be established. The 'it'. I think is bullshit. Capitalism sayss that the bombing of Afghanistan was the Talebans' fault. They neglect to say that the bombing of Afghanistan is the fault of everyone involved. What good is bombing a whole country with nuclear warhead's just to say that 'it was their fault'. This makes the innocents both unwitting martyrs AND examples. Something that seems to be in direct contravention to the Capitalist idyll of individual rights.

Capitalists define capitalism as nothing "more or less than" a system of government which implements:

"Private property, free markets, and rule of law institute and protect individual rights."

So why are they saying they are the first and last stand against EVIL when all the greatest mass 'evils' in this world have been perpetrated by Imperialists, Nationalists, and Empire builders, all of which are things supported by capitalism.?????

And why the fuck does capitalism.org AND capitalism.com promote romanticism as THE art for the New World! Dick-tat!!!

This isn't 'law of the jungle', any 1st year ecology student could point out the very fine parameters that are traced out for each species to enable biodiversity. This is a self-made game of scrabble, and will be the law of the desert.
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