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the 'it' in bullshit
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Re: Progress is the problem!
Sep 22, 2003, 20:47
Like I been saying, is 'harmony' that is needed. But balance and harmony can swerve so quickly into disfigurement when a smal percent of the world's resources is held in the control of a few Capitalists. Or anyone for that matter. But seeing as 'Capitalism' is 'the natural order' of things and 'evolution', then I would add that we should not abandon our rationalism and trust it to those who stand to make a profit out of compliance/complicity at the cost of our spiritual/mental and physical health. Or that of the planet, even more importantly. Without it we are all dead in space. (Of course, super capitalists are advocating "use the world up in a rush to leave it", this is another 'progress' issue that has been argued about on here, where sci-fi peeps and eco-peeps mix it up together in a freeform blabberthon!

I still can't shake that Capitalism and Christianity are hand in glove, and swore that 'nature' (ridiculous word as that's all there is) must be moulded to their bidding as it was 'in the way' of humankind's true destiny, the Heavens

Now that's what I call pipe dreams.
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