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Re: What was the question again
Sep 22, 2003, 19:33
"War itself precedes all these other concepts meant to describe social structures."

But find me one war whose roots weren't in pursuit of personal profit or promotion of 'the one way'. You'll find that more rational cultures (especially the Indian Nations) were aware of far subtler yet more fundamental laws than we can impose by any fiscal system. Yes they had tribal feuds, but compared to the intense genocide that our culture has in it's swathe, along with certain Eastern Empires, I would say that the West had been lost, and the concept of freedom and democracy is about nothing more than a man with a gun, and a man with a dollar. We can sing songs about it. We are lucky.

I could go on about the evils of Communist China (and i have), but it's only my own 'society' I live in, I can't pay lip service too readily as a man who's un-free. I don't ever see a point where the discussion to improve things should stop. Right now we can promote Fair trade, pollution laws, anti-croneyism, etc etc. But more importantly we can ask why, which, when, and establish history and the present as an honest reality and not a "one way" sales vehicle of half-lies and full lies. It's when i live in a system where 'inquiry' gives way to 'patriotism', and though i hate organised religions I see the fiscal'cult' of the individual' to be no less scary. The Dollar sign may as well be God. That scares me every bit as much as the Malleus Maleficarum. Zero or hero? Rich or poor?

You are by your own feelings 'relatively free', I am by my own feelings 'imprisoned' in a system invented by people who have little to no knowledge of the Land we live on other than an exploitable commodity. Will the twain meet? Yes I'll buy you a pint! (organic local ale of course ;-)
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