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Re: Freedom from X vs Y
Sep 21, 2003, 04:03
"I guess the underlying assumptions that differ in our world views have to do with such things as the fact that I don't feel threatened by "freedom", I cherish it -- and I am not afraid of other people etiher (even ones with a different skin tone or sexual orientation.)"

No, I'm sorry if I was unclear. My point is that we have to BUY freedom. REAL freedom is a concept so far out of our well-trained minds that we have hardly a concept of it except fear (generally speaking).

"I can smoke weed and play in a rocknroll band. I doubt any of the above would be true if I lived in the Soviet Union "

Therein lies one of our differences I think. You appear to feel privileged/thankful for being able to do such fundamental things as make music or roll up leaves that grow in the ground and set light to them. My problem is that we SHOULD feel grateful, or have to offset such basic freedoms elsewhere. To me, that's not freedom. I don't measure my freedom by someone elses enslavement, neither do I measure your freedom by someone 'in the gulag'. I just think it's ridiculous that we are trained to think we are 'lucky' to be 'able' to make music or put a small selecion of natural substances in our bodies. I'm more appalled that McFuck is working towards 'licensing' vegetable seeds and 'phasing out' indigenous crops than I am 'grateful' to be able to work my arse off to pay some rich fucker my rent money. As for licensing seedst, that means copyrighting life itself. Freedom my arse.
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