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the 'it' in bullshit
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Re: the 'it' in bullshit
Sep 17, 2003, 19:20
"Iraq wasn't bombed for moral reasons it was bombed for economic reasons"

I know that, you know that, hence my 'morals' in inverted commas, and reference to the creed of capitalists i.e. do not use force or impose morals on another etc. Yet it's this kind of stuff I read about every day from the Capitalists (not my label, it's what they call themselves):

"What is needed for world peace is a "ban" on statism — or, more precisely, an uncompromising declaration calling for the full protection of individual rights, and an un-breached MORAL condemnation (and economic boycott where appropriate) of any country that violates individual rights."


"...our mainstream intellectuals choose to be "ignorant" about the root cause of war, and promote "bleeding-heart," "feel-good," intellectually-bankrupt campaigns such as the UN-sponsored treaty on banning land mines."

So banning land mines is a bad lefty, feminist, hippyshit idyll huh? Actually harming people more than doing good? (doing good = selling weapons).

It's useless fiddle faddle to argue that capitalism isn't essentialy right wing, it's as useless as saying that cause doesn't have effect.

"Retribution or Appeasement
What some people (mostly liberals) are saying is that the solution is to carefully kill one of the hit man's bosses, but not destroy the structural system that creates hit men and bosses. Nuclear annihilation offers the intimidation factor to others of the same ilk. If you kill one terrorist, another will rise to take his place. If you wipe out the system in one country, everyone else in the other countries who think it might be fun to kill Americans will cower and blank-out the fact that they ever thought about it. "


See, it's either nuclear annihilation or you're a frigging appeasing commie.

How can a political system tout selfishness as the highest human goal, and then on the other hand claim that nuclear annihilation is a 'good lesson' for people living in the same country as selfish thugs who would be terrorists?
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