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Zanzibara - companion series to Ethiopiques
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Zanzibara - companion series to Ethiopiques
Sep 30, 2013, 15:03
I just discovered a series I hadn't heard of before Zanzibara. Since the format of the design looks pretty close to that of Ethiopiques and the 2 places are in some geographical proximity I'm assuming they must be related.

I was just looking on Amazon to see what World In Sound releases were available through them. Couldn't see many titles on that label but the search engine returned a cd in the Zanzibara series.

Subsequently I'm wondering if anybody is familiar with the series?

6702 posts

Re: Zanzibara - companion series to Ethiopiques
Jan 11, 2014, 22:14
So nobody heard any of this stuff?
Amazon has snippets for Volume 3 anyway


and Allmusic has similar for several volumes
though unfortunately there isn't the same facility to play all tracks on there.

I also found this site which has a rundown of the first 7 volumes in the series
though it has all the soundfiles starting automatically when you gopt to the page. But if you press the feet of the pause signs on each of them which you can just see from the too narrow playing bars you can get them to stop then play them in turn and there each of them is a full length track, several of which are 7 minutes odd long.

The music on the cds is called taraab which is a Zanzibar concoction of several influences on the area from Arabic music through to more local sub Saharan african stuff. You get this lovely rippling effect of various guitars etc playing off against each other. Lovely stuff, very exotic though maybe not as hypnotic or compelling as the Ethiopiques series.

I thought it would appeal to some people here though. So maybe it will.

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