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"Fido's Blues" - The Black Sheep Busking Tour Road movie.
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Moon Cat
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Edited Jul 08, 2013, 17:02
"Fido's Blues" - The Black Sheep Busking Tour Road movie.
Jul 08, 2013, 17:01
Some of you may recall seeing on the Copendium book and multi-meeja tour thing a kind of preview of a preview of the film that was shot of Julian & The Black Sheep's busking/memorial tour back in 2008.

For one reason or another, the proposed documentary didn't emerge per se, but what did mutate and evolve from the material is "Fido's Blues". Due to certain cosmic forces beyond my ken I have been blessed with a preview of the film and it's pretty cool!

As mentioned, this is not a documentary style film, although it does have certain documentaryesque moments. What this is instead is more like a lysergic-tinged trip movie - a road movie of protest, tribute and journey that is also part ritual. Art-House meets Road-house?
Accompanying the images - a mixture of film of the tour as it happened, stills, quotes and spacey things - is an avant-ritual protest soundtrack, some mutated from (I think!) the KMSA album. The full thing is a pretty immersive experience, which, I'm sure, will have particular resonance for any that were there along the way. Lots of top moments. Beats holiday snaps anyway!

Oh yeah, also on the DVD there's a gallery of some of the fab portraits by Black Sheep artist in residence Hebbs.

Anyhoo, I'm told that when the DVD proper is released it will come in true Copeular fashion with lots of lush piccies and other bits and bobs to tickle your fancy. Huzzah!
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