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Soundtracks Of Our Lives w/e 27 June 2010 CE
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Re: Soundtracks Of Our Lives w/e 27 June 2010 CE
Jun 29, 2010, 13:38
machineryelf wrote:
Squid Tempest wrote:
machineryelf wrote:
Julian Cope – Citizen Cain’d I must be listening to too muchy lofi sludge cos I’ve never had a problem with the production on this, a cracking little cd [technically cds but I rarely play one without playing the other]

I must dig that out again and give it another go. I never got on that well with it TBH.

machineryelf wrote:
Black Tempest –Proxima, Ancient Chrome, Postcard dug out some more squid, particularly enjoyed Ancient Chrome, must find the mutation disc and I’m sure there was a brown collab cd as well, my filing system is in a frankly shocking state at the mo

Thanks! I'd almost forgotten about those earlier CDs. New one is currently at the printers, I'm awaiting proofs. Should be with me in another week or so.

I didn't post a soundtracks this week btw, coz my listening has been largely the same as last week.

Citizen Cain'd is much better to my ears than the supposed return to form of You Gotta Problem, which I've been spinning this week and still seems a bit all over the place to me. If JC would set himself a 40-50 min target I suspect he would hit the bulls eye every release, Dark Orgasm & Rome could IMHO gain from losing 2 or 3 tracks, but then IMHO 20 mothers could gain from losing about 18 tracks and it seems to be some folks fave, horse for courses etc

I agree. I think Citizen Cain'd is his best song-based record since 1992 and Feels Like A Crying Shame is one of my all time favourite Cope songs. There are some really good songs on the Black Sheep records but I never got off on that revolution stuff.
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