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Re: Zappa lUMPY gRAVY 4OTH
Oct 25, 2008, 19:06
geoffrey_prime wrote:
Zappa, after the Bongo Fury collaboration, supported Beefheart rehearsing and recording Bat Chain...this after the difficult couple of albums for Virgin (Bluejeans and Moonbeams and Uncond. Guaranteed). Whether Zappa would have released it or not seems to be unclear...but he certainly was looking for some kind of payback. Beefheart subsequently re-recorded the Bat Chain material and it was released as "Shint Beast" on Warner Bros (although there was apparently a signed contract with Virgin too for this album).
I guess Zappa had plenty of other contractual issues to be dealing with at that time - Herb Cohen, Warners and others.so the Bat Chain masters were consigned to the vault.
Have to say that the Bat Chain album is the one that should have been formally released...somewhat academic, I suppose, given the easy availability of bootlegs.

To clarify, Zappa sued his former manager for stealing funds from him, and the result of the lawsuit was that he got to keep the masters for the Bat Chain Puller album. Reason behind it was that Cohen has used money that was rightfully Zappa's to finance the album. Right or wrong, it remains in the Zappa vault and has been slated for official release for many years now (I read somewhere that a new master had been compiled sometime in the 90's). Here's what Gail recently implied about any possible release (from the official Zappa forum):

"Just want to add that we here at ZFT/UMRK are interested in FRANK ZAPPA recordings. We do not work for any other Artist."

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