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Bands You Just Don't Get ...
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Moon Cat
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Re: Bands You Just Don't Get ...
Oct 03, 2008, 17:15
It's just down to the sound in the end isn't it?

It doesn't matter how many critical plaudits, whatever the politics, the 'importance', the 'cultural significance', and I'd argue, the lyrics* and all of the other peripheral gubbins that goes with music; if you don't like the actual 'sound they make' then thats it. People can bang on about a certain artists 'worth' til their faces explode but if you don't like the noise they're making then that's it.

Hence, for me, to name but two, Dylan and The Clash - the noise they make does nothing for me, apart from maybe irritate.

*again back to Dylan as an example. Yes, I am aware of, even admire, some of his wordsmithery. I'd just rather read 'em than listen to 'em.
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