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Very British
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Edited Dec 11, 2007, 19:47
Re: Very British
Dec 11, 2007, 19:41
Before 74 the Who pushed the envelope as far as live performance went, they experimented, they stretched out, they improvised, they changed both live and on album. Post 74 although they retained some of that in the studio, in concert they became a greatest hits machine, still a formidable live force but lacking that cutting edge that they had.
Some of this was probably due to technical problems they had with the early tape machines they were using which i believed pissed off Daltrey no end, some of it was due to the fact they 3/4 of the Who needed to be on the road to make some dosh
IMHO the Who paved the way for all the aging rockers to make a comfortable living from banging out the hits and ignoring the new music.
All well and good to them, they deserve a few bob, but how much better could it have been if they had tried pushing a bit harder.

Quadrophenia is a superb album, let it speak for itself, Daltrey trying to explain little England to America is 1. A waste of time 2.Ruining a perfectly good flow of music 3. Pissing off Johnny Punter who wants him to shut the fuck up and get onto Magic Bus

edit-the point i'm trying to make is that American tours gave The Who a chance to play it safe, they could have taken advantage of this and ploughed back their[Townshend's] ideas into the live show, but they didn't , they took the safe greatest hits route.
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