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Annexus Quam
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Re: D.E.R.C.A.S.
Nov 09, 2000, 13:25
Absolutely! warmer it is gonna get anyway, there's no doubt about that, and the ozone hole too. It is much too late to do anything. And much more urgent problems are there for us to take care of.

But, precisely, that's what politicians are looking for, excuses to do nothing about it (in the end neither the global one nor the urgent ones). It's a bit like GM companies who shield behind a veil of "we need more food production in order to feed the poor nations" while they are driving whole communities into poverty in their mad search for a re-organisation/re-urbanisation/re-westernisation/re-colonisation of what remains of the non-western world).

Plus, global warming ain't just about sea levels rising, it's about inequality between rich and poor nations (the latter will get the worst, as always) and the final (now being slowed down) go-ahead to alternative energies and the severing of the oil-addiction chord. It would be naive to think anybody is scared about being drowned (except the Hollywood ingenuous and Kevin Costner). There's so much more involved - there's Respect to the Mother involved.

I was recently asked why I was trying to save a bunch of dogs which would be killed anyway. Crikey, "see beyond my game, man" I said, I could kill a dog myself if I had to, I ain't no peace freak! I am only against the lack of respect, the world's problem is that there's no holy any more. Those people suck.

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