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The Naysayers.....
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Edited Jul 08, 2017, 23:25
Re: The Naysayers.....
Jul 08, 2017, 23:21
There are many ways to "support your country". Not all of which involve throwing it blindly over a cliff on the basis of a nebulous but never explained or articulated belief that it will be better for everyone.

You are bitter that no-one will thank you for happening to be on the side that got the most votes (you've said so often enough) and that we won't sign up to your vision of a brighter tomorrow, even though you won't tell anyone of us what it entails or how we are supposed to get there.

People questioning and challenging something that has every ingredient to make it the biggest disaster to affect the country in my lifetime is not a lack of interest in the wellbeing of the nation, in fact it's the precise opposite. If we weren't deeply concerned about Britain's future we wouldn't bother, we'd just let you chuck us over the edge without caring what happens.

You say we should get behind it, but constantly call us losers and yourself a winner.

I'm not bitter, I'm deeply, deeply concerned about our future. You can crow all you want over your Pyhrric victory, the number of people who voted one way or another doesn't really matter. It has already costs millions and divided the country in a way that is unlikely to be healed for years to come.
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