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Terrorism (and the psychology of resistance)
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Re: Terrorism (and the psychology of resistance)
Jun 08, 2017, 10:54
Hey Grufty

Welcome back. Interesting article although I'd take a slight issue with the headline which seems to imply that the ability of (affected) societies to return to normal will "undermine" (defeat?) terrorism?

I'd defer to your more first hand knowledge of the troubles (although I was living in London at the time of several incidents) but I never got the impression that the IRA somehow 'bombed itself to a standstill'? The GF accord seemed to me to be a result of both sides recognising that, in the absence of a settlement, nothing would change, however, I suspect that in its absence the bombing campaign would still be rumbling on?

Apologies if I misinterpreted the article or your points on it.

Does beg the slightly worrying question of what 'settlement' could be sought or struck to stop this latest 'campaign of terror'? One thing I am sure of is that you won't bomb it out of existence with all the firepower in the west's arsenals?

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