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Terrorism (and the psychology of resistance)
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Re: Terrorism (and the psychology of resistance)
Jun 05, 2017, 00:34
Completely existential piece of writing and completely removed from ground zero...
I'm a 5th generation New Yorker, i can speak with real authority when i say that New Yorker's have NOT "gotten over it" and "got on with things".....
{as regards 911 certainly}
How the fuck do you think Trump got elected?
Masterful pandering to those very same souls who lost the most and those who still stand in solidarity with them.
It's going to be a cakewalk for Madam May to mine the same quarry.
But as i've learned from the 'higher mind's' hereabouts...its probably all staged by the CIA/FBI/NSA/'spooks'...whatever, to engineer the new social order...
Anyhow, i know where my people stand on what happened that day.
We will never forget. I will never forget.
These 'blowing them-selves up mother-fuckers' are way beyond anything that abstract you just linked to has to say about them....
But i guess we could get them on the couch for a bit of psychoanalysis....
prolly not though..all the journalists that gave it a go got their heads cut off.

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