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Re: Manchester
May 23, 2017, 13:30
Gladwin wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
How the hell do we stop it?

We could stop bombing the Middle East. That might be a start.

No....no it won't....
The Taliban will still continue to bomb schoolyards in Pakistan for girls as they have for many years now to the tune of thousands of deaths of there 'own' people...
There will still be homosexual men in Arabic countries getting thrown off the top of the tallest buildings as cheering neighborhoods watch...
To say nothing of global cultural monument obliterations...{who knows...maybe Stonehenge next?}
'THEY' will still continue to practice female genital mutilation on 'their' 7 year old daughters...even in America....
'They' will still honor and obey Sharia law over and above the laws of the lands that 'They' immigrate to...up to and including 'Honor' killings of defenseless wives and daughters..
Nothing to do with the "We"st.
I grieve for the people of Manchester.
I grieve for the fate of mankind.
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