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When you get what you ask for
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When you get what you ask for
Jan 30, 2017, 09:27
A debate today in parliament regarding 'fake news'.
No one wants fake news, and my way of avoiding it has always been to turn to the 'main stream media'.
The very term, 'main stream media', is used derogatively.
Why, I have never known.
I will read articles in The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Morning Star, The Spectator, Spiked, The Observer, The Times, The Independent, and more.
That means I am receiving news from different political slants, but it's still the truth.
Yes Corbyn has meetings with Gerry Adams, that is the truth. Some report this as him being a terrorist sympathiser, others as him playing his part in the peace process.
It is true they had meetings, and it is up to you to consider why.
Crying 'Torygraph' to me is as helpful as crying 'left wing scum'.
And yes, at times I am irritated by what I read, but I'm big enough to take it.
And there is accountability because there is a real, identifiable source.
I don't care to visit echo chambers, I don't need any prejudice I have (for prejudices come in all forms) to be ratified.
On our quest to be salved, we kind of bring 'fake news' on ourselves.
Rant done;)

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