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a sense of correction
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Annexus Quam
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a sense of correction
Sep 23, 2000, 08:30
It is taking longer and longer to download that one so here's a new one. I am also getting lost in it and finding it too tame now that everyone's buying each other pints and talking (tongue-)snogging and stuff.

your story, Vox, is very exemplary of what I said before about "negotiation of meanings and negotiation of relations". even an inoffensive word like "silly" can vary its effects according to intonation or emphasis, or what's more exciting, in certain contexts. I have to restrain myself from using the word "bloody" for instance, when I am in front of certain dear ones. That used to piss me right off, but as a sign of social respect I have now accepted it (but that has given me the chance to use it more strategically and more effectively!).

going back to the original source of this discussion I'll say the topic has veered off a wee bit. The cool non-cringing razor penguin has seen his chance to escape from admitting he is finally going to become a vegetarian.

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