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Dump The Pump, Ha!
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Annexus Quam
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Dump The Pump, Ha!
Aug 01, 2000, 16:22
Happy Lughnasadh!!!!!

Starry Eyes has found the answer for himself. Ancient Mother Hills have always been there and therefore are a landmark for us all to cherish (to use somebody else’s favourite word). Let's reclaim the hills as the focus of our minds in a world of tarmac. No need for ancient sites for that matter as the quest can become another tourist trick for modern man. There is nothing older than the hills and there are natural temples galore. Where this is also lacking, I have sometimes used the stars to counteract the stupidity of modern life. Years ago, in the middle of the city, I cracked my head open and spilt blood all over the nasty concrete. The reason for this has evaded me all this time but I have found out it was for liberating the earth of her alien patch. I had spent years suffering for the planet’s state and people’s indifference, and I suddenly realized this was leading me to a dead end street. Positive vibes started pouring in after that and a fresh feeling of change. Even when sad planks like oil magnates still dominate the politix of whole huge countries, the answer is positive: be your own guru and find the power within you through the natural medium. Every second of your life IS awl-important and full of significance. Even in Brum-City.
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