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Jul 09, 2000, 19:52
Sorry for making unformulted points and coming across as a self-righteous twat. I should explain myself.
Thing is, I love the stones, the monuments, I love driving and finding them, I love Julian Cope and his ideas and music and I love our culture, and our forward thinking and our dreams. But I cannot help but feel that it is all so tragically flawed.
I think you only have to visit Stonehenge on a summer's day, or Avebury on a May bank holiday to see this. And Julian's telling us to visit these places, but we'll end up with even more cars in the car parks and so it goes on.
What can we do?
Yes, I am as you are totally in this culture, so when I hear Julian saying that we are STUCK, I despair. It seems even he thinks there is no way out.
What can we do?
I despair of our situation and I want to get a car and drive to Avebury again and feel better about it all.
I get up every day and get the train to work and wish I had a car cos trains are uncool and then I stop and I think ... and I watch the traffic jams build up outside my window in the centre of Brighton, and I want to get in a car and get away from it all.
What can we do?
I content myself with walks on the nearby downs and so I don't need a car, but hell, I have no family, it's easy for me, families need their mobility, it's easy for me, like when Julian wrote Drive She Said, he didn't have a family.
What can we do?
I don't want to feel stuck, I want to feel we can regain a balance with the natural world somehow.
Shit, I wish I could afford a car ...
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