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those monkeys ...
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those monkeys ...
Jun 20, 2000, 11:35
spammed by the monkey bulletin board!

----- Forwarded message from Johan <inform@our-pets.net> -----
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 10:44:47 -0400 (EDT)From: Johan <inform@our-pets.net>
Reply-To: Johan <inform@our-pets.net>Subject: Monkey toys and more...
To: riotgibbon@zoom.co.uk
We are very proud to present our new line of Acrylic MONKEY-Toys. Acrylic toys
are durable, safe, strong and easy to clean. We offer several great acrylic
puzzles that keeps your monkey's mind busy for a long time. Today, you can also
buy worlds strongest harness + lead for your primate. We also sell lots of
foraging units and diets to keep your primate busy for several hours a day.
Perhaps it's time to check out our store where you find everything you need for
your primate. We have the best diets, treats, vitamins, books, toys, and more
available for your primate. And ... we are working very hard to expand our
offer!http://www.our-pets.net/store_primates.htmMONKEY PHOTO CONTEST
Take a look at our monkey photo contest. The winner of this contest will
receive a whole bunch a products (primate diets, treats and toys!). No wonder
that we already have 90 monkeys in this contest!
http://www.our-pets.net/photocontest.htmTHANK YOU
We would like to thank everyone that placed orders in the past at Our-Pets.net.
As you might know, with every order we donate $1 towards animal causes. It is
thanks to you that we are able to save animals where needed. Perhaps it is nice
to know that thanks to these funds there is now a kitten purring in my lap while
another is biting in my toe. Hopefully, we will find a new home for them soon!
Although we can't save them all, your efforts make a difference, and we and
every animal we save are glad you are there.SAVE THE RAINFOREST
While surfing the net we found this wonderful link. The only thing you have to
do is click on the "Save the Rain Forest" button and you generate a donation to
protect rain forest through The Nature Conservancy. Their sponsors pay for your
donation and it's 100% free to you.http://rainforest.care2.com/i?pV8524821
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