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Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Action
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Re: Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Ac
Oct 20, 2005, 18:17
>How do you see the relationship between workers and bosses?
>Can't it be a good relationship? If the answer is no, does that say more about you than the bosses?

good for who? Not for both sides, no. Thats about the nature of capitalsim, not about whether you, I, or Jo(e) Bloggs is a good egg or not.

That is not to say all bosses are mean nasty people, I have got on perfectly well with a couple of mine (well, I've got on with all of them, pretty much, but by that I mean I'd still get on with them outside of work) but within the workplace their role is to maximise the exploitation of my labour. To steal the surplus value I create for themselves. & if/when it all goes arse over tit .... who comes out worse? there arent too many cases where the boss does an Maxwell off the side of a boat, far more often they move off with a still very healthy lifestyle thank you, whilst 'their' workers are on the dole.

It's not exactly a relationship of equals.

I could just have said I'm an old fashioned marxist of course.
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