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Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Action
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Vybik Jon
Vybik Jon
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Re: Gate Gourmet Strikers -Solidarity Ac
Oct 20, 2005, 12:26
I can't agree, KC.

This was hongnam's opening statement in all of this:

"If the food wasn't so shit, i might have a bit more sympathy for them."

Repeat - what has the quality of the food served got to do with the workers? They prepare/pack what the Gate Gourmet owners tell them to.

When challenged over believeing his initial statement was funny, hongnam said:

"Or, I could go on a flight and eat some utter rubbish on the flight. I'm glad they're gonna be sacked. stuff em."

And just so the point isn't missed: "...I'm glad they're gonna be sacked. stuff em."

That's where the anger stems from and it's these sort of posts from hongnam that generate the responses we see.

He may be the best company owner/boss/employer in the world, but if he's going to post up crass stuff like that, he can expect to shot at.
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