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Monkey Business
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RiotGibbon Vs the Christian MonkeyFans
May 12, 2000, 12:02
ooo ohohohoo!

yes, siree, Mr Monkey! It turns out that we monkeys were wrong along, evolving like we did, sitting in cold trees and being eaten by lions.

Those nice chistian folks are helping us out!


primate brethern, we at the Militant Monkey Massive URGE you to visit the Monkey Bulletin Board


to register your complaint about the monkey trading going on there.

3 main approaches seem to be developing on the different boards:

*"General" ethical and moral debate, with a bit of abuse chucked in by the more intemparate

* "Gibbons" people pretending to monkeys, for a laugh. Hurrah!

* "Spiders" - filthy sexual innuendo. This colony was well established before the current action began

remember, this is not a moderated or in any way secured board ... you can put in what name and email address you like

lots of emails and phone numbers of monkey-traders as well ...

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