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Special Events at Rollright 28th October
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Special Events at Rollright 28th October
Oct 23, 2000, 21:39
Stone Circles Grow Up

This is the title of Aubrey Burl's talk on the afternoon of Saturday
October 28th at the village hall, Long Compton. The talk and slide
presentation looks at the study of stone circles from the days of the
early antiquarians to the modern archaeologist. This is the talk that Dr
Burl was scheduled to give at this years ASLaN conference but which had
to be postponed due to other commitments. The talk is in aid of ASLaN
and The Rollright Trust. Places will be allocated first to those who
attended the ASLaN conference and then to members. We are expecting
quite a lot of interest in this rare talk by the great man himself so
write in and book your seat now if you want to be sure of being there.

There will be books, CDs and many other items on sale, including Dr Burl's latest.
Tickets - £5

Cheques/PO's payable to ASLAN. Available from Stone Circles Grow Up, PO
Box 333, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 4XA. Please include an SAE if
possible. Alternatively there should be places on the day - check with saffron@rollright.demon.co.uk or on 01295 277244

At the stones

It's the dark time of year again and as usual we are having an event
near to the festival of Samhain. We are breaking with the tradition of
earlier years by having something happening at the circle through the
afternoon and evening including wandering minstrels and story-tellers.
There will also be an opportunity during the day and evening for anyone
who wishes to tell an anecdote or story about those they have lost and
to light a candle in their memory - please bring your own candle and a
jar to put it in! Anyone is welcome to join in and members usual
admission fee applies (free) - normal admission of 50p to everyone else.

At 4.45pm there will be a fully open public ritual (no more accusations
of occult activity if it's all open). This year will see the first
Anglo-Saxon Heathen-led ritual at the Stones. The focus will be on the
ancestors and this should be very appropriate as the most recent graves
near the Stones are those from the Anglo-Saxon period. Once again all
will be welcome. Join in and partake in the Sumble (the ritual passing
of one or more mead-horns around all present together with much public
toasting and not a little good-natured boasting). We are informed that
these events are very lively occasions and not at all sombre - join us
in the mead queue.


Once darkness falls the site will be closed to those without tickets -
Mad Mick is back with us once more in his familiar role of MC and Bard.
The entertainment will be provided by Gippeswic Storytellers, Sleeping
Myth, Morning Tide and The Way Forward with Scathagh's Wing and a trio
of lovely ladies who have forgotten to tell me what name they are using
in the afternoon.

Ticket prices
Members £3.50, members' children (under 16) free
Everyone else £5.00 and children £2.50.

Tickets may be purchased for the Halloween event on the day itself
(don't forget to bring your membership card) or in advance.

Please note - acts may be subject to change at short notice.

Cheques/PO's payable to The Friends of the Rollright Stones. Available
from Halloween, PO Box 333, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 4XA. Please
include an SAE if possible.

October 31st

Although 'officially' closed during the hours of darkness the circle
will be staffed volunteers during the night of October 31st. Over the
last few years we have come to realise that a lot of people visit on
this night to pay their respects to passed loved ones. We also get local
lads who have over-indulged at the pub and try to sneak in through the
field in the vain hope of stumbling on naked witches dancing around a
fire! Come and say hello if you are in the area and give the young
scallywags a fright.


The Rollright Stones
Enquiries phone/fax 01295 277244
PO Box 333, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 4XA, England
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